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Is a registered professional surveyor necessary for my project?

A Registered Professional Surveyor/Licensed Cadastral Surveyor is the only person who can submit final plans to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), the government department responsible for holding the records of land ownership and issuing titles for land ownership.

We believe that by involving a registered professional surveyor early into the planning of your subdivision you will achieve a significantly better outcome. Surveyors are responsible for all facets of land development from the initial site feasibility study, to the completion of the project and the issue of the new titles. Because surveyors are familiar with the pitfalls (and the shortcuts), they can steer your proposal through the development process.

registered professional surveyor liaises with other professionals that may need to be involved in your project including: geotechnical engineers, landscape architects, soil scientists, lawyers, accountants, planning specialists, Iwi organisations, local and regional councils, and government departments.



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