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Multi Unit and Apartment Developments

Increasingly, we are living in high-density town houses, units and apartments. If you are planning to create high-density living on your existing property, McCracken Surveys can help you do just that.

Certain areas are zoned for higher density living and it is important to check the zoning before buying. Council consent is also required before going ahead with any building activities.

What is involved?
Topographical and boundary surveys
Plans from architect
Find services and apply for land use consent and subdivision consent (often concurrently)
Design of access and services
Apply for building consent
N.B. You have five years to build from the issue date of consent

How much will it cost?
The cost depends entirely on the scope of your project. Download a list of parties that may need to be involved in the process. Councils generally require a deposit when an application is made and council will invoice you for any additional costs once their decision has been finalised. For complex applications, councils may invoice monthly. In granting your subdivision consent, most councils levy financial contributions for reserves, roading, storm water, wastewater, and water supply as is appropriate to your area. These costs vary from council to council.



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