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Cadastral Surveys

What is a Cadastral Survey?
Cadastral surveys are concerned with the definition of ownership and subdivision of land. In New Zealand, only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can undertake a cadastral survey of property boundaries and submit a survey to LINZ for approval.

What is a CT?
A Certificate of Title (CT) is the record of legal interests in a parcel of land. It will show the legal description of the land, who owns the land and any other interests or encumbrances on the land such as easements or mortgages. Some interests are beneficial (i.e. additional rights which increase the value of ownership), other interests are restrictive (called encumbrances) and provide rights to other parties or restrict the use of your land in some way.

What is a DP?
A Deposited Plan (DP) is a survey plan of a subdivision. Most parcels of land in New Zealand are described as a particular ‘Lot’ number on a DP e.g. Lot 1 DP 345678. This description is called the ‘appellation’ or ‘legal description’. This information can be found on your rates demand.



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