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What is a Subdivision?
Subdivision is when a parcel of land is split into two or more parts. It normally refers to the complete process of acquiring Council consent, meeting the conditions of their consent, carrying out the cadastral survey, and submitting the survey to LINZ. A subdivision will require subdivision consent from the Local Council. Larger subdivisions may require additional consents from Local and Regional Councils.

Can I subdivide my property?
Subdivision of your property is governed by the zoning of your property and rules in the District plan. We can assist you to research this information and advise if your property is subdividable.

How long does a subdivision take?
It depends. A simple subdivision can be carried out in 4-6 months. A large or complex subdivision may take some years. The current statutory time limit from the time your resource consent is issued until the project is completed and titles issued is 8 years. There are various stages in the process where responses are required from the Council and/or LINZ. They are dictated by statutory timeframes, and typically comprise around 3 months for a small subdivision.

How much would it cost to subdivide my property?
The cost to subdivide your property is dependent on many factors such as which Local Authority your property is in, what you are proposing to do, the age of the current property surveys, legal and taxation matters, development contributions payable, and infrastructure to be constructed such as roading, water, power, telecommunications, storm water and waste water connections. Please contact us to discuss your project and we can help. There are application/submission fees to be paid to the Council and LINZ, and Councils will also require Development Contributions. Our own professional fees depend on the nature of the proposed subdivision and the underlying historical survey work carried out in the area of the site. We would be happy to prepare a no obligation estimate of fees associated with your proposal.

If the Council's rules change I might not be able to subdivide my property. How do I safeguard against this?
The District Plan sets out the criteria for subdivision and other land uses and these rules do change from time to time. If the rules are likely to change you need to get resource consent for your subdivision before the rules change. Once you have the resource consent you then have up to eight years to complete the subdivision and have the new titles issued.



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